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Protecting and Securing Websites - Browser Settings

In ensuring that you will enjoy a protected and secured Internet banking environment, we will only allow TLS 1.2 protocol for our websites. Kindly refer the following steps for detailed instruction on enabling the protocol for various browsers:


   1. Launch "FireFox".

   2. In the address bar, type "about:config" and hit enter.


       You will get below warning, click "I'll Be Careful, I promise!" button to continue.


   3. In the Search field, type "security.tls.version.max". Ensure the integer value is "3". This means the maximum allowed protocol is
        TLS 1.2


        Double-click the item in case you need to change the integer value:


    4. Click on "OK" and re-launch FireFox.


   1. Launch "Chrome".

   2. Go to "Settings". Under Network section, click "Change proxy settings..."


   3. Click on "Advanced" tab. Under Security section, check "User TLS 1.2".


   4. Click on "OK" and re-launch Chrome.

Internet Explorer

   1. Launch "Internet Explorer".

   2. Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options", and click on "Advanced" tab.


   3. Under security section, check "User TLS 1.2".

   4. Click on "OK" and re-launch Internet Explorer.