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FAQ on EPF i-Invest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is EPF i-Invest?​
    EPF i-Invest is Employees Provident Fund (EPF)’s self-service online transaction platform which allows eligible EPF members with EPF i-Akaun to invest in EPF-qualified unit trust funds with their savings from EPF Account 1.

  2. What are the benefits of investing via EPF i-Invest?
    a) Convenient
         Enjoy the flexibility to invest anytime and anywhere, at your fingertips with no physical forms required.
    b) No cash investments
         No cash required. Invest using your EPF savings.
    c) Diversify your retirement investments
         Diversify your retirement portfolio with your EPF savings through exposures to local and international funds.
    d) Low front-end charge
         Utilize the self-service online transaction platform with lower front-end charges.

  3. What are the criteria to invest through this i-Invest platform?
       • EPF members with EPF i-Akaun are eligible to invest via the EPF i-Invest platform.
       • Members who are below 55 years of age may invest up to 30% of the amount over and above their Basic Savings in EPF Account 1.
       • Members who are 55 years of age and above may still invest, subject to maintaining a minimum of RM1,000 in their EPF Akaun 55 or Akaun Emas.

  4. What is the required Basic Savings in EPF Account 1?
    Please refer to the table below to determine the required Basic Savings in EPF Account 1 according to your age.
    image 3.png

  5. What is the minimum investment amount?
    The minimum initial investment amount is RM1,000.

  6. What are the steps to invest in AmInvest funds using i-Invest?

    Step 1 :
    Login to EPF i-Akaun.
    Step 2 : Select “i-Invest” tab (on the top menu bar).
    Step 3 : On Account Holding page, proceed to “Click here to start investing now” or go to “Transactions” on the main menu and select “Buy”.
    Step 4 : Select “AmFunds Management Bhd” on “Please Select FMI”.
    Step 5 : Select your preferred AmInvest fund on “Please Select Fund”.
    Step 6 : Enter the investment amount desired and click “Proceed To Checkout”.
    Step 7 : Select AmInvest under “Choose a FMI/IUTA” and click “Buy”.
    Step 8 : Tick the checkbox on the declaration page and click “OK”.
    Step 9 : You will be redirected to AmInvest i-Invest platform.
    Step 10 : Complete the account opening process and click “Submit”.
    Step 11 : Tick the checkbox on Declaration page and select “Confirm”.
    Step 12 : Enter the TAC Verification on Member Authorization page and select “Proceed” to confirm purchase.
    Step 13 : Select “Next” to complete the transaction on the Summary page and a notification of successful application will be shown.
    Step 14 : Download, save or print your transaction receipt.

  7. Which are the AmInvest’s EPF-qualified unit trust funds?
    Please click here to refer to the list of our funds. For more information on the funds’ fees and charges, cooling-off period and cooling-off right, please refer to the Prospectuses.
    For further enquiries, please contact us at +603-2032 2888 or drop us an email at enquiries@aminvest.com​.

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