EPF i-Invest FAQ

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EPF i-Invest FAQ

AmInvest is an EPF appointed unit trust fund provider. You can now invest directly in AmInvest’s EPF approved funds using EPF i-Invest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is EPF i-Invest?
    i-Invest is EPF’s online electronic platform which allows EPF i-Akaun investors to invest directly into unit trust funds with their EPF saving.

  2. What are the benefits of investing via EPF i-Invest?
    a) Optimising EPF savings potential by diversifying into local and international funds
    b) Low front end charge
    c) Multiple transactions allowed anytime
    d) No physical forms required

  3. What are the criteria to invest through this i-Invest platform
    • AmInvest funds are available to all eligible EPF i-Akaun individuals online. You can withdraw and invest up to 30% of the amount over and above the Basic Savings in Account 1, for members up to 55 years of age.
    • For members who are 55 years old and above, you may still invest provided you have savings in your EPF Akaun 55 (Akaun Emas).

  4. What is the minimum amount I can invest?
    RM1,000 is the minimum amount to invest.

  5. What are the steps to invest in AmInvest funds using i-Invest?
    Step 1 : You need to log into EPF i-Akaun.
    Step 2 : Select “Investment” tab (on the top menu bar).
    Step 3 : Go to ‘Buy’ screen and key in amount , then select either Phillip Mutual or iFast (AmInvest’s digital distributor) and log in.
    Step 4 : Select your preferred AmInvest fund.
    Step 5 : Confirm your transaction.

  6. What are AmInvest list of approved funds by EPF?
    Please click here to refer to the list of our funds.

For further information, please click here for access to EPF website.