Shariah-Compliant Treasury Solutions Facility

Growing Your Investments in a Changing World
Shariah-Compliant Treasury Solution™ Facility

Choice and flexibility are the keys to managing your investments in a changing world. This Facility provides you the opportunity to manage your cash flow while optimising returns in compliance with Shariah principles.

What is this Facility?

The Islamic Treasury Solution™ Facility is an innovative facility for Islamic depository placements to earn potential “halal” income. It provides you a convenient one-stop centre to place your excess cash holdings and switch between our Shariah-compliant money market and debt securities unit trust funds.

How does it help me?

All you need to do is invest into the funds that match your cash management requirements and potentially benefit from a steady stream of “halal” income distribution. Generally, the longer your investment horizon, the higher the opportunity to earn reasonable returns at moderate risk.

What are the benefits?
  • Potentially higher returns than Islamic General Investment Account (GIA) deposit
  • Exposure to Shariah-compliant investments
  • No upfront and exit fees
  • Easy access to your funds
  • Generally lower risk and volatility than equities
  • Online access to your account comprising account balance and monthly statement via e-Treasury Solutions
Who can I go to for enquiries and advice?

Our Islamic Treasury Solution™ Sales Team is ready to attend to all your enquiries.

Terms and Conditions
  1. This Facility is open to corporations and institutions. The Manager, in its absolute discretion may refuse an application. Existing institutional investors of our Shariah-compliant money market and debt securities funds are welcomed to join our Facility upon request.

  2. Switching from one fund into another within the Facility is conditional to the withdrawal notice period set by the former fund. For AmAl-Amin, it depends on the redemption notice period. The Manager has up to 10 working days to effect AmBon Islam and AmIslamic Fixed Income Conservative switching.

  3. The investors can also opt for stand-alone funds without joining the Facility.

  4. The investors accept full responsibility for any losses arising as a result of the Manager acting upon instructions given under the Islamic Treasury Solution™ Facility, release and indemnify the Manager and the Trustee against all claims and demands in respect of any liabilities arising from the instructions.

  5. The Manager can cancel and vary the conditions of the Facility at anytime after giving reasonable notice to the investors.

  6. The general upfront fees could be imposed for switching into non-Facility funds.

  7. Invest in any of the funds within the Facility and be automatically eligible for the Islamic Treasury Solution™ Facility.

  8. The stated terms and conditions are in addition to the requirements of the Prospectus.

  9. By joining the Islamic Treasury Solution™ Facility, an investor is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions governing the operations of the Islamic Treasury Solution™ Facility.

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