Growing Your Investments in a Changing World

Values Based Investing
Investing with your Principles

You are investing with your values - the right to align your personal or institutional beliefs with investing and there is direct link between your investing activity decisions and the investment gains (or losses) thereafter.

Different terms have been used – ethical, social, mission, religious or corporate responsibilities. It starts with the process of understanding your values and principles and building a fund or mandate that is based on investing intelligently and responsibly. Values based investing which is aligned to one’s beliefs is not a new concept as such investment decisions has been around for the millennials.

We specialized in ethical and Shariah compliant investing.

How we do it:

  • Avoidance Investing - exclude companies engaged in business activities which is deemed undesirable
  • Proactive Investing - search and buy into companies that are engaged in activities that adheres to your core beliefs