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Stock Broking Account Opening Form

Note : Information mark with * are mandatory fields.

Application Identification

Please ensure the following documents are available as softcopy prior to start this account opening:

1. IC front
2. IC Back
3. Bank Account statement/Passbook with active transactions
4. Latest Pay slip/EA Form/Tax Return (Form J)
5. Student ID/Acceptance letter from University (applicable for students only)
6. Payment advice
Please follow the below Do and Don’t for IC capturing :
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• Clear and readable - without glares, shadows or reflection.
• Captured in landscape mode, with all corners clearly visible.

• No hologram or unreadable text.
• No reflections, glares or shadows.
• No incorrect cropping or scaling.
NRIC - Front   Only *.JPG allowed, maximum size 500 KB.
NRIC - Back   Only *.JPG allowed, maximum size 500 KB.
Business Card/Employment Letter/SSM/Retiree Card (Government Servant) or any document in equivalent for proof of employment. Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.

PEP & FATCA Declaration

Politically Exposed Person (”PEP”) - Domestic & Foreign
Are you or your immediate family member(s) entrusted with prominent public functions, such as heads of state or government, senior politician, senior government officials, judicial or military officials and senior executives of public organisations? *
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (”FATCA”) and Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) (The information in this section is collected in order to comply with FATCA and CRS requirements which require AmBank Group to identify and report United States (U.S.) Persons and Tax Residents in CRS Participating Jurisdictions)
No. U.S. Indicia Status
1 Are you a U.S. citizen or resident (including green card holder)? *  
2 Is U.S. your country of birth? *  
3 Do you hold a current U.S. residence address or mailing address (including a U.S. post office box)? *  
4 Do you have a current U.S. telephone number? *  
5 Do you currently maintain any standing instructions to the U.S.? *  
6 Do you currently assign power of attorney or signatory authority to a person within the U.S.? *  
7 Do you currently have a ‘hold mail’ or ‘in care of’ address as your sole address? *  
Personal Particulars *
Name of Applicant (as per NRIC) *  
ID Type *    IC Number *  
Old IC Number
Title / Salutation Gender *  
Race *   Date of Birth *   
Nationality *   Place of Birth *  
Religion *   Marital Status *  
Tel. No. (Home) Tel. No. (Office) *  
Handphone No *   Fax. No. (Office)
Email Address *  
Registered Address as per NRIC*  
Post Code *   Town *  
Country *   State *  
Residential address same as registered
Residential Address (if different from Registered Address) *  
Post Code *   Town *  
Country *   State *  
Owned *   No. of years *  
Correspondence Address
Post Code *   Town *  
Country *   State *  
Employment Particulars
Occupation / Profession / Designation *   Years Employed / Business Commenced *  
Employment Particular *   Name of Employer / Company *  
Employer Address *   Nature of Business / Sector *  
Spouse /Next of Kin/Emergency Contact Particulars
Name of Spouse/Next of Kin/Emergency Contact (As per NRIC)*  
Relationship *   New NRIC
Old NRIC/Passport No./Authority Card Correspondence Address *  
Tel. No. (Home) Handphone No *  
Total Annual Income *   Assets Net Worth *  
Source of Wealth & Net Worth *

Other :
Source of Funds for Investment *

Other :
Investment Objective(s)


Equity - Years of investment experience*   Futures - Years of investment experience*  
Please select type of Account(s)/Product(s) you wish to apply for, followed by Services (optional).
For more details on Product(s)/Services, please click on the respective link. (**)
Application for the following Account(s)/Services:


Note: Any opening of Islamic product, system will automatically include the opening of Conventional account for selling of Non-Shariah counters in future.

* The LEAP Market is a qualified market meant for Sophisticated Investors only i.e. those who qualify under Part 1 of Schedules 6 & 7 of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 (CMSA) as listed behind the LEAP Market Risk Disclosure Statement
Please tick if you have confirmed your selected Account(s) and/or Service(s).  
Branch *  
Payment Instruction
1 Payment Instruction *
Please credit all payments due to me into my bank account, details as follows:-
2 Name of Bank  
3 Account No.
PART D : Declaration

​I declare the information provided above is true, accurate and complete and the submitted documents are genuine and duly executed.

I hereby consent for AMMB Holdings Berhad (223035-V), including AmBank (M) Berhad or any of its related companies and its branches (collectively “AmBank Group”) to report my information to regulatory or tax authorities in accordance with requirements of FATCA and CRS as may be stipulated by applicable laws, regulations, agreement or regulatory guidelines or directives.

I undertake to notify AmBank Group in writing within 30 calendar days if there is a change in any information which I have provided to AmBank Group, status or in the event I become U.S. person or a tax resident in a jurisdiction outside Malaysia. I hereby consent that AmBank Group may terminate my account(s) and/or facilities granted to me, in the event I become U.S. person or a tax resident in a jurisdiction outside Malaysia.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that AmBank Group may classify me as a recalcitrant account holder and/or suspend, recall or terminate my account(s) and/or facilities granted to me, in the event I fail to provide accurate and complete information and/or documentation as AmBank Group may require.

Information/Consent for Cross Selling - Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (”PDPA”)

Cross Selling within AmBank Group Companies
The Bank may disclose your personal information to the AmBank Group companies for marketing of products and services. If you decide later not to receive marketing information from the Bank and/or AmBank Group, all you have to do is just call +603-2031 0102/e-mail: and inform the Bank of the same.

Marketing & Promotions by AmBank Group’s Business Partners
AmBank Group’s business partners may from time to time offer products, promotions and services that may be of interest to you.
Say “YES” to great offers & promotions from AmBank Group’s business partners: *
Letter of Consent - Disclosure of Information and Documents (Applicable for Securities Trading)
I hereby consent to the disclosure of information and/or documents relating to my affairs and in particular, relating to my securities account but not limited to my available shares balance provided by Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd (“Bursa Depository”) to the Bank and to such agents, service providers and sub-contractors of the Bank as informed by the Bank to Bursa Depository. I further authorise the Bank to disclose such information and/or documents to my Dealer Representative to facilitate my trading in securities.
This consent and authorisation shall take immediate effect and shall be valid until:

Please state exact date the authorization is to remain in force.

I hereby release Bursa Depository and/or the Bank from any loss or liability arising from or in connection with this authorisation except for loss or liability that I may suffer as a result of any act, statement or omission that was not done in good faith by Bursa Depository and/or the Bank.

  * Nothing in this form is intended to provide investment advice and nothing in this form should be construed as a recommendation to trade in any Securities or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction. Trading in Securities is subject to investment and market risks, including the possible loss of the entire principal amount invested. You are solely responsible for determining whether any trading, investment strategy, security or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. You should consult your own independent adviser(s) before trading/investing
By accepting, I affirm that all information stated in this application is true and correct, and I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions (T&C) and shall be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

Document Checklist - Securities/Derivatives
Bank Account statement/Passbook with active transactions *   Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
Latest Pay slip/EA Form/Tax Return (Form J) Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
Student ID/Acceptance letter from University *   Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
Payment Advice
Kindly perform a payment transaction of RM10.00 into AmInvestment Bank Berhad AmBank Account No : 001-201-0099198 from your bank account that been registered above and upload the payment advice to us.
The fund will be credited into your trust account tag to your trading account. We shall refund the money to you in the event your application is rejected by the Bank.
Please note that 3rd party payment will be rejected.”
  Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
Additional Documents for Foreigner:
If the residential address is the applicant’s home country,
either one of the below document(s) is/are required .

* Utility bill / Credit Card Statement /Bank Statement / National Registration Identity Card /
National Health Insurance Card/Social Security Card /Any other documents subject to Bursa/Bank’s approval
Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
A copy of working permit / valid entry for foreigner who are Non-PR of Malaysia and who works in Malaysia Only *.pdf allowed, maximum size 1 MB.
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